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Thứ Năm, 28 tháng 6, 2007

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners
Welcome to my Blogging for Beginners Series.

Over the next weeks I will be presenting an introduction to blogging that will help PreBloggers and NewBloggers unpack some of the basics of blogging.

The series is based largely upon the questions I regularly receive from newer bloggers.

By no means do I want to come across as the all knowing expert in this series - I’m very aware of my own limitations as a blogger and strongly believe that it is only collectively as a group that we really know anything. As a result I’d encourage everyone (beginners or old hands) to see each post in this series as an invitation to share what you know on the topics we cover. As we all contribute what we know I’m confident that we’ll all learn and create a useful resource for bloggers starting out.

Also before I start - let me point you to an excellent series of videos by Jon Symons which are ideal for beginner bloggers wanting to learn how to register a domain name, set up hosting and set up a WordPress blog on it. They are aimed at the very beginner and run through some of the technical aspects of setting up. The $15 cost of the videos is well worth it in my opinion.

By the way - if you enjoy these posts and want to keep in touch with ProBlogger subscribe to our weekly email update and/or track us by our RSS feed.

Blogging for Beginners - The Posts So Far
Introductory Posts

What is a Blog?
23 Questions for Prospective Bloggers - Is a Blog Right for You?
How to Choose a Niche Topic for Your Blog
Choosing a Blog Platform
Choosing a Domain Name for your Blog
Blog Tools
Blog Design

Blog Design for Beginners Part 1
Blog Design for Beginners Part 2
Writing Content

Useful and Unique Content
Post Length
Granular (One Topic) Posts
Using Titles Effectively on Blogs
Scannable Content
Basic HTML Tags
More on Writing Content for your Blog
Making Money from Blogs

Introduction to Making Money from Blogs
Should I blog for Money?
Making Money From Your Blog - Direct Methods
Making Money Because of your Blog - Indirect Methods
How Much Money Can a Blog Earn?
Introduction to Advertising Optimization - Traffic
Introduction to Advertising Optimization - Ad Position
Introduction to Advertising Optimization - Ad Design
Introduction to Advertising - Ad Relevancy
Introduction to Advertising - High Paying Ads
Blog Networks

Introduction to Blog Networks
Why Should you join a blog network?
Why you shouldn’t join a blog network
Other Beginner Topics

An Introduction to Using Images on Blogs
How to Start a Blog Partnership
Kick Your RSS - Jumping on the Syndication Bandwagon
Introduction to Trackbacks
Tag You’re It - Leveraging Tagging for your Blog
10 Techniques for Finding Blog Readers
19 More Strategies for Finding Readers
A few readers have approached me to ask if they can submit posts to this series. At this point I’m going to say no - but towards the end of the series I’ll reconsider this when we see what topics we’ve not yet covered.

The series will probably go for 2 weeks with at least one post per day with each listed below on this post (so bookmark this page). Between ‘beginner’ posts will be the normal array of ProBlogging posts. If you’re not a beginner and don’t want to contribute to the back to basics conversations I hope you’ll find that there is plenty of other things to keep you interested.

The series that follows is a combination of types of posts that includes:

New Posts on topics I’ve not written about before
New Posts on topics I have written about before
Re-Posts - older posts that I still feel are relevant for new bloggers
Guest Posts from other bloggers who know more about a particular topic than I do.
Open Mike Discussions (I’m not sure which topics to do these on yet, but am pretty sure there will be a number of them)

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